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Ángel Gil Cheza

Ángel Gil Cheza was born in Vila Real, Spain in 1974. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Humanities and a Master’s degree in publishing.  At at age of thirteen he played the drums for the punk bank Mala Hierba.  At fifteen, he founded the fanzine Sátira Coenta and editied the first two editions. At twenty he began singing and playing the guitar.  He made his first cassette, Futuro in 1998, the cassette was pirated so many time that it was difficult to find an original copy.  In 2005, after a long stay in Ireland, he self released his debut album Con la miel en los labios before retiring from the stage.  He has worked as a postman, a forest ranger, an orange picker, a waiter, a publican, a road sweeper, an archaeologist, a builder, a cook, a teacher and a farmer.  Nowadays, he cultivates an orange orchard and he continues to work in the publishing world.

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