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Gabriel Martinez

Gabriel Martinez was born in Rafal, Alicante, Spain, in 1952. Seven years ago, he decided to leave his job and completely dedicate himself to the things he loves: writing and traveling.  With a pack strapped to his back and eyes wide open, Gabriel has set foot in nearly every European and American country, and many African and Middle Eastern countries as well.

To the present date, he has written the following novels: Las cartas de Babilonia, Los 52, El Club de Holmes, Al sur de Orán, Yo que no vivo sin ti, The Milky Way Murder (El asesino de la Vía Láctea), El laberinto ruso, La estirpe del Cóndor and Las putas de Nuestra Señora de la Candelaria. The first seven novels have been published on, and all have received excellent reviews. The Milky Way Murder (El asesino de la Vía Láctea) was the 8th best-selling novel on  during 2012.

Currently, Gabriel is developing a new subject for a historical fiction saga based on the real accounts of an important family of Swedish origin who established themselves in Spain in 1870. They were at the forefront of seventy years of social, cultural and political life, and have potential to be the basis for an interesting saga of novels.

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