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Iván Hernández

Iván Hernández (Madrid, 1975) is the author of the Buscoaliados Collection.

After an unsuccessful search for a publisher, I decided to go for self-publishing. Amazon Spain opened its doors and in I went!

So I created a digital publishing project called:

Colección Buscoaliados (Buscoaliados Collection).

It’s a collection of different novels and genres, but all of them focused on the ‘Ally’ style.

What is the Ally style?

It’s a style where I mix realism, magic, fantasy, romance and emotions in a way you’ve never read before.

The ‘Ally’ word is based on my Best-Seller Novel:

«La protegida Wittman – El Futuro no tiene aliados – Libro 1» (The Wittman Protegée – The Future has no Allies – Book 1)

So, give Ally style a shot and become an ally yourself.

Read me soon! ;-)


Iván Hernández

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